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Danar Seti is Captain Nebula of
Omicron.  From the novel Omicron
Crisis: Adventures From Alpha
by D. L. Smith
Whether it be his superhero artwork, attending the Maryland
College of Art and Design, or using his voice for on-air news
and commercial spots written for local radio, D. L. Smith is a
storyteller.  Utilizing his eclectic experiences and mixing
today's headlines of politics and religion, he has given birth
to Omicron Crisis, an action/adventure, sci-fi tale of
Humankind's tumultuous path toward the road to
The Cover to
Omicron Crisis:
Adventures From
Alpha Centauri  
Is it Mankind's destiny to forever succumb to violence?
Danar Seti asks this very question while consigned to
battle the extra-dimensional being Blackstar, over
territorial rights.  The Giants of Imperia have claimed
the trinary star system of Alpha Centuari.  Now this
contemplative man of peace must struggle with his own
internal conflicts while battling a monster from a race of
beings who control a power that rivals the energy
released during the Big Bang.

But Danar is not alone, for chief scientist Tan Ozawa
uses her vast knowledge to stop the duel of titans.  But
does she do it for the human colony or for her growing
feelings for Seti?  Having overcome the ravages of
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gerrig's desease),
Tan is fully aware of the human struggle.  With her
help, Seti and Blackstar will learn that we are all more
alike than not alike, and that violence is not Mankind's
destiny, but Humankind's destiny to overcome it.  But
can they learn these lessons in time to save this
branch of humanity, as well as Blackstar's race, even
though they may be demons?  Demons who may be
responsible for the devastation of the Earth.
Amazon.com Customer Reviews

Can't Wait For More, January 13, 2005
Reviewer: Stephen F. Hayes (Portland, OR)

D.L. Smith has wondrously blended science and fantasy to
create a future so outrageously believable that it's hard to
believe it exists only in the pages of this debut novel. Smith
uses philosophy, humor and fast-paced action to embellish
the notion that if we are to play a significant role in space,
then like pioneers of old we'd better be worthy of it. In a
war for survival comparable to anything envisioned by H.G.
Wells or Gene Roddenberry, Smith creates a universe that
is bright yet sinister, and filled with a humanity we've yet to
imagine. This action-filled saga is a great read for sci-fi
lovers, philosophers, and anyone looking for a darn good

* * * * * *

Omicron Crisis, January 12, 2005
Reviewer: G. Garmire

D. L. Smith handles a complex and interracial set of
characters (earthly and extraterrestrial) with great skill. I
enjoyed the author's interweaving of the Imperians and the
crews of the terrestrial space vehicles, and all the
adventures and intrigues of the intricate plot. The
resolution of the tale leaves us eagerly awaiting more.

* * * * * *

Great read, January 5, 2005
Reviewer: L. L. Hohn (Florida)

A good story from a new SciFi author. A real page turner. I
enjoyed the Smith's descriptive narration style. It's very
cinematic. Even though this book is about 450 pages, it
reads fluently and quickly.
An X-Ray view of the Omicron Nebula asteroid space/city
The Starforce of Omicron; The ten Omicron commanding officers whose job it is to protect the human colony at
Alpha Centauri.  

From left to right (standing back row) LeAnn Walker is Captain Gaea of the Omicron Gaea asteroid space station.  
John (Jack) Askew is Captain Ersatz of the Omicron Ersatz.  Arjun Vohra is Captain Graviton of Omicron Graviton.  
Danar Seti is Captain Nebula of Omicron Nebula.  Sean Stingray is Admiral Omicron of Omicron Prime located on the
west coast of the planet Omicron in orbit of Alpha Centaur A.  Cleopatra Wilson is Captain Omega of the Omicron
Omega asteroid space staion.  Jean Pierre Bouvier is Captain Pulsar of Omicron Pulsar.

From left to right (crouching/sitting)  Michelle Woo is Captain Radian of the Omicron Radian asteroid space station.  
Charles (Chas) Lee is Captain Vortex of Omicron Vortex.  And Frank Logan is Captain Quasar of Omicron Quasar.
What would you do if you were
consigned to battle an alien
being who was, not only twice
your size, but who's upper torso
literally glowed with energy that
rivaled the power of the Big
Bang?  You'd probably wish it
was a nightmare.  If not that,
you'd definitely hope to win.  
Although banged up, Captain
Nebula is holding his own.  
Unfortunately, neither he nor his
opponent, Blackstar, can win if
they're both caught in the fiery
descent of a planet's gravity well.
How can either survive the heat
or the impact with the surface?  
Find out in the pages of  
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