All images, artwork, characters and situations are based on the novel Omicron Crisis: Adventures From Alpha
copyright 2004, and is the property of D. L. Smith.

The United Earth Vessel
and her command
staff.  It was the year 2163
and the
UEV Sol's mission
was to deploy 1,100 solar
reflecting satellites around
and between the planet
Earth and its solar primary
Sol (our sun) in an effort to
provide the Earth with an
unlimited energy source of
solar power.  Sadly, there
was an unforeseen
accident that resulted in
an uncontrollable solar
wave that sped toward the
Earth with enough
destructive force to
completely destroy the
planet if not for the efforts
of the
UEV SOL and crew.
Conceptual uniform design: After dozens of rejected designs, the image on the left was the prototype design I
chose for the Starforce of Omicron command officers.  Note the standard sleeves whereas the final version on the
right now sports magnetic metallic arm bracelets.  Both images are of Danar Seti, Captain Nebula, the protagonist of
Omicron Crisis: Adventures From Alpha Centauri
Professor Tan Ozawa, daughter of
billionaire tycoon
Tanaka Ozawa of
Earth.  When Earth's greatest
environmental disaster struck in 2163
---a result of the destructive solar wave
---Tanaka Ozawa nearly exhausted his
entire fortune and resources to help
supplement the United Earth Agency's
manufacture of the ten starships that
would hurl six-billion of Earth's citizens to
the nearby solar system of Alpha
Centauri.  All he asked in return was that
his sickly nineteen-year-old daughter
accompany the caravan of ships without
him.  Being nearly one hundred years in
age, Tanaka Ozawa knew that his
daughter's destiny was not his own.
Having lost his wife while giving birth to
his daughter ---this after having already
lost his first child, Ozawa discovered to
his horror that his one remaining child
was afflicted with the rare disorder
amyotrophic lateral schlerosis (Lou
Gerrig's desease).  Seeing to it that his
genious daughter had the best of
everything, he convinced Tan to journey
off world by explaining that her vast
intellect would greatly increase the
chances of the colony's survival, and
that she would experience her greatest
adventure despite her limitations.  He
was correct.  Not only was Tan cured of
her malady in-route, her very presence
and tenacity helped to shape the colony
at Alpha Centauri as well as the
Starforce of Omicron.   
                                        A PORTRAIT OF TAN AND DANAR
When nineteen-year-old Tan Ozawa first met eight-year-old Dane Reginal Howell (later known as Danar Seti) on board
the Interstellar Starship
Nebula on its way to Alpha Centauri, the young Dane was in perfect hibernation within a
cryogenic suspension chamber.  Recognizing the son of her college professor Frederick Howell, Tan immediately felt
an affinity with the boy realizing they had a great deal in common; they both lost their mothers during childbirth and
their fathers thanks to the disaster that struck the Earth.  They also both suffered brain disorders; her ALS and his
amnestic aphasia.  She determined to be the lad's friend and confidant
e, little realizing that due to the vagaries of
space travel and the time distortion of suspended animation, they would meet once again later at the new colony nearly
the same age.  Despite their mutual attraction they remained friends never realizing that each harbored feelings for the
other.  Although it seemed that everyone else at Alpha Centuari knew they should be a couple, it took a solar system
wide crises to bring them together.  But it might be too late for the two of them to enjoy a relationship as Danar Seti is
consigned to protect the colony with his very life if need be.  In an effort to help, Tan took it upon herself and used her
vast scientific knowledge to access another dimension known as quantum space.  Unfortunately, because she took on
this mission without the knowledge or sanction of the Starforce she is on her own.  Or is she?
                                      THE INTERSTELLAR STARSHIP KEPLER
Named after seventeenth century astronomer Johan Kepler, the ISS Kepler ---later renamed the Omicron--- was the
prototype vessel upon which the ten caravan of starships that left the Earth was based.  Equipped with a hydrogen
collector ramscoop, this vessel was capable of collecting massive amounts of hydrogen ---an element that is in
abundance in the vacuum of space--- and forcing it into its nuclear fusion reaction engines and was able to explosively
propel itself forward thanks to its unidirectional baffling plate within its power plant.  The more hydrogen it collected, the
more explosive the thrust.  The more explosive the thrust, the faster the starship could travel.  The faster it travelled,
the more hydrogen it could collect.  The more hydrogen (et al).  With this constant "putt putt" of thrust, it took two years
for the ship to reach its maximum speed of point .20 C (one fifth light speed).  Like its nine sister ships, it took the ISS
Omicron, the lead vessel, twenty-seven years to reach the closest star system to Earth, Alpha Centauri.  Sadly, the
Omicron and the second ship in the caravan, the ISS Omega, was one year from orbital insertion before they and the
six hundred million Earth citizens each was carrying, were lost.  The
Nebula, the third ship in the caravan, was the first
to arrive at Alpha Centauri and the Earth-like world Omicron.