After having locked down the uniform
design, and while still establishing the
outline for
Omicron Crisis, I knew that
the main two protagonist, Danar and
Tan, had to have others to confide in;
others that were just as close friends as
fellow officers.  I decided to have two
junior officers take those positions.
Enter the twins Oshara and Roshan
Perez.  Although very loyal to the
Starforce of Omicron, they would
actually measure their friendship with
Danar Seti's Captain Nebula and Chief
Scientist Tan Ozawa as more important
than their duties with the Starforce.  
They would never admit this to anyone,
and even as close as the twins are to
each other, the issue of their loyalty to
their friends has never come up.  During
the crisis, however, all bets are off.
V.I.C.I. is an acronym for the Virtual Inquiry Computer Interactive holographic program.  Most folks simply call her VICI
(pronounced VIK-EE).  Unknown to all but a few people, VICI was conceived aboard the Interstellar Starship
Nebula one
year from orbital insertion of the destination planet Omicron.  The vessel's standard artificial intelligence program had
crashed and was unable to keep the 600,000 cryogenic suspension chambers on-line.  If something wasn't done to
correct the problem, the precious cargo of human lives would have been lost before planetfall.  After already losing the
first two ships in the caravan from Earth due to the mysterious vacuum sinkhole, Sean Stingray, the captain of the ISS
Nebula, chose to awaken the crippled, nineteen-year-old cyberneticist Tan Ozawa in the hope that she could somehow
correct or upgrade the standard AI.  Fortunately, thanks to some last minute surgery to attach an interface module to
Tan's brain---which resulted in her losing the color pigment of her irises---as well as her accidental exposure to the
mysterious realm known as quantum space, Tan was able to write as well as implement the V.I.C.I. program from another
dimension while her physical body lay motionless in "meatspace."  Once activated, VICI was able to clone herself and
beam each version of her program to the remaining seven other ships in the caravan so as to upgrade their standard AI
units as well.  As a result, the colony at Alpha Centauri now has a network of hundreds of thousands of VICI clones to
assist the colony in all manner of circumstances and situations.  In other words, when something needs to get done in a
hurry, VICI is the go-to, uh, virtual person.       
Graduating from the Starforce Academy on
the planet Omicron in the year 2212,
Michelle Woo beat out literally thousands
of applicants for the coveted position of
Captain Radian of the asteroid space
station Omicron Radian located within the
asteroid belt orbiting the star Alpha
Centauri A, 4.5 light years from Earth.   
Possessing a "perky" attitude, Michelle
Woo is often underestimated.  Despite this,
she proves herself time and again with her
tenacity for justice and her heightened
sense of right over wrong.  Although petite
in stature Captain Radian stands tall
alongside her contemporaries, the
commanding officers of the Starforce of
Omicron, always ready to perform her
duties to protect the innocent from the
corrupt and the evil.  Michelle Woo is the
quintessential starforce officer
Radian of Omicron Radian.
Arjun Vohra is Captain Graviton of the Omicron Graviton space
station located in orbit of Alpha Centauri A.
Born in India on the planet Earth, Arjun was a mere lad of eight years
when the great environmental disaster that devastated most of the
planet's surface struck.  As an only child, Arjun and his parents were
successful in obtaining three escape lottery tickets to leave the planet
Earth and journey with six billion of their fellow humans to the new
Earth-like world Omicron, the second planet in the zone of life orbiting
the star Alpha Centauri A.  Although many humans didn't survive the
freezing process of being cryogenically frozen Arjun and his family
once again beat the odds and arrived whole and intact.  Having
journeyed to Alpha Centauri aboard the ISS
Graviton, the last of ten
ships in the caravan from Earth, the Vohra's had the option of living
and working on the Omicron Graviton space city/station built within the
asteroid belt orbiting Alpha C. A.  Deciding to remain on the planet
Omicron for the time being, the Vohra's could not possibly know that
their decision would end their son's good fortune.  While attempting to
rescue his young friend Michelle Woo from teen-aged bullies, young
Arjun accidentally fell from a cliff; his broken body having splashed into
a river of near-freezing water.  Fortunately, the water kept him alive
long enough for rescue.  There was nothing the doctors could do to
save his live other than treat him with the newly discovered Omicron
Particle energy lode, the mysterious alien element that worked
miracles with injured human patients.  He was the second child to be
exposed to the stuff, the first being Danar Seti, Captain Nebula.  Once
again defeating the odds, Arjun grew up to become a defender of
Omicron as
Captain Graviton, an exceptional human known for his
even temper and sense of fairness.    
Captain Graviton Character Profile
                                              CHAPTER ELEVEN:
                                             "THE BULLY ROCK"
Having volunteered to search the vast asteroid belt orbiting Alpha Centauri A, Arjun Vorha, aka Captain
and the crew of the Interstellar Starship Graviton, discover what appears at first to be a simple
asteroid.  An asteroid that, unlike any natural object, was tracking the vessel.  It didn't take long for the
foreign object to show its true form which, oddly, wasn't that different from a natural asteroid.  But for its
unnaturally smooth, spherical shape, and the ability to cycle through the
Graviton's coded airlock, as well
as rendering most of the crew unconscious, blocking the ship's external communications and seemingly
deleting the vessel's AI
VICI, the Bully Rock proved to be more than a sphere of solid stone.  But is it truly
a sentient being or a device left by an intelligence far removed from anything in
recorded human history?  With no way to communicate with the rest of the fleet
out in open space, Captain Graviton has no choice but to face the object.  But
should he face it as a first contact situation or a prelude to war?