A view from inside the Omicron Nebula Asteroid space/city.  Omicron Nebula is one of nine asteroid cities that
orbit Alpha Centauri A, 4.5 light years from Earth.
Cleopatra Wilson is Captain Omega
Having boarded the Interstellar Starship Omega,
the second vessel out of Earth in the caravan of
ships on their way to Alpha Centuari, young
Cleopatra was a wee lass of 13 years.  Being the
granddaughter of the Captain of the ship, she knew
her way around.  When the
Omega was swallowed
by the anamolous sink hole that took her sister
ship, the I.S.S.
Omicron, the teenaged Cleo, being
the only person still left conscious, saved the ship
and crew through a series of heroic efforts.  
Thanks to her quick thinking and valor the Omega
was able to escape the other dimension but was
thrown many light years off-course.  Attempting to
track the beam back to Alpha Centuari, the crew
was, of course, grateful to Cleopatra.  But the
young woman paid a heavy price for her bravery.
But despite her challenges, she eventually
achieves command of the I.S.S.
Omega, and
succeeds in guiding her to the sought after
destination.  But are the humans and their allies
ready for this woman with a vendetta.

From the novel
Omicron Bound, the sequel to
Omicron Crisis.
Captain Nebula barely avoids a decapitation as
Captain Omega wreaks havoc against who she
mistakenly believes is a collaborator and traitor to
the human race.

After nearly 3 decades, Captain Omega succeeds in
bringing the I.S.S.
Omega to Alpha Centauri.  Shortly
after the questionable circumstances of her arrival she is
determined to exact revenge for the apparent
subjugation of this branch of the human race by
attacking Danar Seti, who appears to  be a collaborator
with the "demons."  Those beings who may be
responsible for the loss of Earth and the death of her
parents.  Refusing to listen to Captain Nebula's
explanations, she swings the Omega sword, intent on
separating the good captain from his head.  

These events and their repercussion are depicted in the
Omicron Crisis: Adventures From Alpha
Cleopatra Wilson, code-name Captain Omega,
is the daughter of Ricardo Montoya and Celia
Wilson, First Officer and Sergeant At Arms,
respectively, of the United Earth Vessel "The
Sol.  The ship and crew that sacrificed
themselves to save the home planet Earth from
what was thought to be an accident deploying
the 1100 solar reflecting satellites strung
between the orbits of Earth, Venus, Mercury and
the system's primary Sol, otherwise known as
"The Sun."  But was the accident exacerbated by
interference from "demons" from another
dimension?  Cleopatra Wilson has reason to
believe that very scenario.  And she also has the
power and support of up to 600 million humans
who demand answers.  Are the demons and
their apparent human collaborators ready for the
righteous indignation of this avenging angel?
                                                       CAPTAIN OMEGA AND CREW

Loyal to Clan Wilson and the current holder of the Omega sword, Cleopatra Wilson, are, from left to right, Kyle
Armstrong, 7 year old citizen of the Omicron Nebula asteroid space station, his uncle of the same name,
brother of the boy's father, who thought his brother was lost in space.  Being knighted---kneeling is Xin Chang
of the starship Omega and childhood friend of Cleopatra and Kyle Armstrong, the elder.  Cleopatra Wilson
herself, and Madison Blair, also of the I.S.S.
Omega, who has no memory of her final hours on Earth just as
the "Greatest Environmental Disaster" occurs as a result of the interference from "demons" from another

These characters and events are depicted in
Omicron Bound, the sequel to Omicron Crisis.